Pregnancy and childbirth should normally be a safe and natural process. However, complications may arise. The most common ones include:

· Ectopic pregnancyhdslakhf356

· High blood pressure

· Complicated delivery

· Premature labor

· Depression

· Infection

· Diabetes

· Heavy bleeding or hemorrhage

Labor is that time when the pregnant woman’s uterus contracts, and pushes, or delivers the child from the body. The child might be delivered by a caesarean section or through the woman’s vagina. The former is a surgical process.

Vaginal Delivery

Possible risks and side effects

· Injury to the rectum or bladder

· Heavy bleeding or hemorrhage

· A hole, or fistula, between the vagina and bladder, or the vagina and rectum

· Incapability to get pregnant because of infection, or rather complication from a surgical operation

· Emergency treatment for any of the problems mentioned above that includes possible requirement to treat with medicine, operation or blood transfusion

· Rarely, death

Cesarean Birth

Possible risks and side effects

· Injury to bladder or bowel

· Incapability to get pregnant because of infection, or complication arising from an operation

· Hemorrhage or heavy bleeding

· Injury to tube, or ureter, between the bladder, and kidney

· Possible hysterectomy because of injury or complication during the process

· Complications arising from anesthesia like headaches, respiratory problems or drug reactions

· Emergency treatment for any problems mentioned above which includes potential need to treat with medicines, operation, or blood transfusion

· Rarely, death

Side of Birth
Birth is some life-changing experience. Every birth brings with it some new and different set of feelings and experiences.

hsvm984The feelings that you experience after childbirth might be the most intense you’ve ever had. There is a great surge of happiness and joy, feeling of fulfillment and contentment. It’s not unusual also for women to experience worries, fears or even sadness.

Depression after childbirth may happen. Several new mothers experience different degrees of it. Whereas depression may happen within days after delivery, it may appear gradually also, and sometimes it does not begin a year after the childbirth.

In most instances, mothers show mild symptoms that might last for a few days only. But a number of mothers experience acute symptoms that may include feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness, exhaustion, and memory loss. You may also have a fear of harming the baby, in rare circumstances. Even though the symptoms might not last long, when you’ve any of them, you should call your doctor and receive professional support and help.

Reducing the Risk of Complications or Problems During Pregnancy

· Get early plus regular prenatal care

· Do not drink alcohol, take drugs which your doctor has not prescribed or smoke

· When you have concerns or questions, ensure you talk with your doctor or other healthcare providers

Pregnancy and childbirth should always be the happiest period in a woman’s life. However, this period also can come with its share of problems and complications as mentioned above. Always talk to your doctor when complications occur.