Melatonin occurs naturally in the body, and it induces sleep. However, it might be inadequate, and when external forces are working against it, the individual may not feel so sleepy. People experiencing sleep apnea complain that they sometimes dedicate sufficient time for sleep up to ten hours a night, but they still find it difficult to fall asleep or to stay sleeping for as long as they would want. A few considerations are worth it for such cases and for everyone else seeking to use melatonin tablets and capsules to induce more sleep. Does melatonin help you sleep? The following considerations will be answering that question.

Melatonin is a Hormone

The effects of melatonin are like those of other hormones in the body. You experience a particular reaction at the site of action for the hormone. In the melatonin case, you become sleeping because it induces a feeling in your brain that causes it to partially stop most of the activities in the body to transition you into a sleep state. Therefore, the drug will work as long as it is pure and does not come into contact with other substances that may interfere with its functioning. For instance, do not expect it to work while you are also consuming stimulants that keep your brain active.

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It Does Not Take Effect Immediately

Many of the people claiming the drug does not work are not using it correctly. You need to pace yourself and allow some time before the effects will kick in. You can take the pills for about thirty minutes before going to sleep and then do very few physical and mental activities. You could listen to soothing music during this time, and the melatonin will start working after a few minutes. The full effect will come after 30-40 minutes. Some people will be using the pills consistently, and that requires planning, so that ends up with a routine.

It Does Not Affect the Brain

According to experts at, the best melatonin sleeping pills have no long-term effect on the brain although the hormone induces sleep. The activity only occurs when you take the pills. You may feel headaches the next day because you sleep too deeply and the body was used to a light sleep. However, that is a general adaptation that will take a few weeks to accommodate. Other than that, you should not expect severe damage to the brain or your health. You can expect better memory retention because of the quality of sleep.

Will Apnea Come Back When You Stop?

sleeping womanSometimes you will still get sleep problems when you stop taking the pills. However, that may only happen when your body did not get into a new sleep cycle. Ordinarily, taking the pills to help you sleep earlier will eventually cause the body to anticipate to sleep earlier than usually naturally. When this happens, the internal clock of the body will be ready for the new cycle, and you can gradually wean yourself off the melatonin pills. Nonetheless, you should keep them in handy to help when you have an unusual work schedule, and you have problems with your circadian rhythm.