People vape for different reasons. If you are on the fence thinking of joining the vaping club, this article will guide you on the tips required to choose the best vape juice. The type of vape juice you want depends on your reasons to vape. So, which vape juice is best for you? Read on.

Vaping to Stop Smoking

woman vapingOne of the main reasons why people vape is to help them to quit smoking. It allows smokers to have something else to do when the craving to smoke lands on them. Having realized this, manufacturers provide many smoking options. They produce vapes with different flavors which help smokers to reduce the frequency of smoking and keeps cravings waiting.

Dealing with Cravings

The smoking craving comes as a result of the need for nicotine, but many smokers will admit that the taste of cigarette can cool down the desire. If you have been smoking for long, it might not be easy breaking from the York, but staying close to your vape will help you a lot. Go with menthol e-juice or tobacco flavored and your journey will be easy. It might taste different at first, but it gets better with time.


No one can determine the best e-juice for you. Experiment on your own to decide on the best. In vaping, you should never vape what does not please you. If you do not like it, do not vape it. Many vape shops give samples so you should not be worried that you will be wasting money in the experimental phase.

In your selection process, I want you to remember that different companies use different procedures to choose their flavors. They might be claiming that it is pure fruit or tobacco flavor, but in the real sense, they have added different nuances to make their product stand out. To differentiate between the brands, do not be shy to ask for a taste of different brands and this way, you will be able to choose that which pleases you most.

Nicotine in Vape Juice

smoking, vapingIt is important to understand more about nicotine in vape if you are taking that path to stop smoking. Vape juices with nicotine have different percentages of nicotine, and you must choose the right level for you. First times, for example, might take a higher rate and reduce gradually over time. If you follow the procedure correctly, you will find that you can take nicotine free vape juice, meaning that your journey to quitting smoking is a success.