Aside from making you uncomfortable, dry skin can lead to dermatitis, a complication that causes red and itchy skin. When you have dry skin, you often want fast relief. Treatments for dry skin is not just about what you put on to cover it but also the essential steps you adopt to ensure you completely get rid of flaky, itchy, dry skin. Here are four easy and fast remedies for dry skin.

Four Essential Dry Skin Remedies

Cleanse it gently

Wash your dry, scaly skin with a soapless cleanser when you shower. smiling woman with red lipstickAccording to dermatologist Andrea Lynn Cambio, gentle soaps, which are free of fragrance, are the best option. Avoid products with antibacterial additives or deodorant because they can be harsh on your skin. Dermatologist Carolyn Jacob also holds that using a cleanser that contains ceramides is a great option. Ceramides are fatty molecules, which make up the outer barrier of the skin. They help your skin hold in moisture. A number of skin care products are made of synthetic ceramides to replace the ones we lose while we age.

Cover Up

Sun damage is among the major causes of dry skin, roughness and wrinkles. To prevent that damage, doctors recommend that you dress right and wear a broad-spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen throughout the year. “In cool weather, make sure you dress in layers to prevent overheating of the skin and perspiring excessively, as both can lead to skin irritation,” says Cambio. Ideally, use a lip balm with SPF 15 sunscreen to prevent dry, chapped lips in winter. Also, consider covering your lips using a scarf or a hat with a mask. When you are out in the sun during summer, be sure to wear light, loose, long-sleeved shirts as well as a 2-inch wide-brimmed hat to shade your eyes, ears and neck.

Use Warm Water but avoid Hot

While a steamy shower feels good, hot water is not recommended for dry skin. The problem with hot water is that it strips your body of its natural oil barrier, and your body needs this barrier to trap moisture and keep your skin moist and smooth. Dial down the temperature and do not linger too long. According to skin care experts, people should take short, warm baths or showers, which last no longer than five to ten minutes.

Shave Smartly

dry lipsShaving can irritate dry skin. When you shave unwanted hair, you are also scraping off natural oils. According to American Academy of Dermatology, the best time you should shave is after taking a shower. Bathing or showering makes hairs on your skin softer and more pliable, and this makes shaving easier. Always shave the hair on your skin with a shaving gel or cream, and shave in the direction the hair is growing to prevent skin irritation. Moreover, be sure to use a sharp razor since a dull one can lead to additional irritation. Skin care professionals also recommend that you change razor blades regularly.


You do not need a skin care expert to tell you whether you have dry skin. Check for scaly, rough patches on your legs, waist, arms or back, because they are the areas you always forget when moisturizing your face or hands. Ideally, more than a few people have drawn blood while scratching dry skin. Excessive scratching of dry skin can make an itchy patch get infected or even result in a permanent scar. Follow the above treatments for dry skin to ensure a smooth, moist skin.