Conventionally essential oils have been lauded for their enormous therapeutic benefits which bring great value to mental and physical health. Contrary to popular believe these oils are mainly organic and they are free of chemicals. These oils are extracted from plants and flowers that exude an appealing scent as well as those that have healing components. Essential oils are typically packaged in small bottles because effectiveness requires few drops. In principal, a drop could contain sufficient elements that are needed to give the desired effect, and this is because of the purity of such oils.sun flower

Lavender oil is a type of essential oil that is extracted from the flowers of a plant called Lavender. Lavender flowers have traditionally been used to make perfumes. However, the essential oils derived from lavender flowers are used for aromatherapy purposes and other aromatic preparations. The benefits accredited to this type of oil on twitter are enormous, and they are listed as follows;

Repulsion of bugs

The scent of lavender may be pleasing to humans, but it is irritating to bugs like moths and mosquitoes. People that love to participate in outdoor activities in the wild ought to employ the use of lavender oils because they have been described as bug repellants. Also, users can use it to for the reduction of irritation caused bug bites.

Pain relief

Joint and muscle pain can adequately be remedied by a regular massage with lavender oil. A combination of lavender oil vapor and oxygen has been said to result in a pain reduction effect. Lavender oil massages have been said to have greater healing effects as compared to regular massages.

Inducing sleep

People suffering from insomnia can seek solace in lavender essential oil. Comprehensive research has shown that this type oil has a relaxing effect which will quickly put you to sleep. Ordinarily, those suffering from insomnia are advised to wrap their pillows with the scent of lavender oil to enjoy some form relaxation and subsequently sound sleep.

Treatment for acne

bottle of drugsDermatologists and other specialists have recommended lavender essential oil as an adequate treatment for acne. Young adults going through puberty are often discomfited by the visible red sores on their faces that could result in scarring. Lavender is fundamental in acne treatment because it can effectively inhibit the bacteria that causes the original infection of acne.

Improved digestion

Lavender essential oil increases the fluidity of movement of food in the digestion system. This assertion is based on the fact that lavender plant components stimulate the production of bile and gastric juices. In this regard, it can adequately be used in the treatment of stomachache, indigestion, and flatulence.